Gregory Okose Adjei Kumah – Kate-Krachi, GHANA

Gregory Okose Adjei Kumah


My name is Gregory Okose Adjei Kumah popularly known as Greg art. I’m a visual versatile artist. I am a Ghanaian🇬🇭 and I come from Kate-Krachi a village in Oti region. I was born on the 6th of July 2001 in Nima located in Accra the capital city of Ghana. Apparently, I stay at Teshie a small town in Accra. I’m a graduate from La Presbyterian Senior High School. I studied Visual Arts for three years there. I discovered art as my talent when I was 6 years old . Back then, I use to draw in my exercise books and my note books while lessons is ongoing. Often times at school, I draw on cardboards for teachers to aid them teach the students to understand properly. Because of how good and nice I drew, I often times was selected to go for competitions for my school, both in my elementary and secondary. l really love art and I want to take art to the next level .

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