Rajeevan k Maruthumka – Kerala, India

Rajeevan K Maruthumka

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Rajeevan k Maruthumkal.

From Kerala in India.

Poet ,is  writing in three languages English,  Malayalam and Tamil . Honoured by Gujarat Sahithya Academy and Motivational Strips jointly for literary excellence at par with global standards in 2020 August .

Endless Love

Once I gave my mother a red shawl as a gift.

It was a cheap price  shawl .

Probably I ‘ve seen my mother walk around with a shawl when it’s cold.

The mother was in old age  very difficult to walk and sit.

My mother would tell many that, It was what my son had given me!

It was raining and cold gone  but she did not give up her shawl .

I had to go and work for several months…

My mother cried in grief at my absence.

She looked at Shawl and cried,

She would take that shawl and keep it like a baby.

She carried it with her until she died.

Mothers long for our presence.

She sees us in every flower and plant in nature.

That is mothers minds,

She is born for us, she lives for us, she dies for us …

When she given us her  energy, breath and life

What did we give her  back?

Just a shawl!         


Written Rajeevank Maruthumkal.

He said to her, „You are very  beautiful.“

Hearing this, she  melted as iceberg into the senses.

Slowly the light entered to the heart and became a little vibration …

His voice made some changes in her

Because she’s nature

Dry wood blossoms

with little leaves sprouts …..

His voice was an imaginary thought..

But the sound created a stream on her….

That’s how it is !

If she wants to be natural,

you have to come…because

you are sound !

You can create mountain, river, flower and tree,

You are the foundation of creation.

You are love, imagination and fire !

You can make the most beautiful woman in the world with your voice !

Because you are the essence of five elements !

My mother came back

I was an orphan

When my tongue was get parched no milk or water ,

I wept and cried for you..

The land lord draged you away

I didn’t understand, it then got that lost my mother…

I remember you solaced me and sticking to your dry chest ,

Those dry hands that strived all day , I saw your body  beaten with whips,  

And saw the belly Which was hungry even, you remembered me while you were working on field

I am that boy, younger baby ….

I didn’t see my father went

I didn’t search north or south

I was sleeping on my brother’s chest…

We suffered because of hunger

We got into a jungle , there only screams of fear , the harsh sound of owls !!

I woke up .. opened my eyes today

My father is back with my mom !

So, i got my mother again !!

I noticed her  hand, but was not that old dry hand !

Very soft and adorable ,

There was nothing to see  callus !

These hands to serve me food and feed me till I have satisfied my hunger !

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