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Sabyasachi Nazrul


Sabyasachi Nazrul from Bangladesh. He is the International Best Poet Prize Winner Bilingual Poet, Motivational Author, Rhymer, Columnist, Preenter. His works have been published 62 Countries Newspapers, Magazines and Anthologies and translated into 44 International Language. He is the Associate Member of University of Ethics, Ambassador of IFCH, CSA, CGA and more than 7 International Association. He is the Sub-editor and literary editor of The Daily Global Nation Independent International Newspaper.


Such silence in the western world is in whose interest, for what interest, why?

As Hitler’s Natsi forces dispersed to kill hundreds of Jews, the landless Israelis found refuge in the Holy Land of Palestine, including Jerusalem, 105 years ago, due to the humanity of the Palestinians.The West’s allies, the protégé Jews, gradually established occupation and swallowed up almost all the land of Palestine today. Israel was formed in 1948 after the British betrayed the Palestinians to establish the state of Israel. Since then, the Palestinians are foreigners in their own country, in their own land. The dawn of freedom for the Palestinian people has set. The independent gold bar pendulum has swung, and swung, for seventy-five years from 1948 to 2023. For 75 years innocent Palestinian people, women and children have been brutally attacked and massacred by Israeli hyenas. Many people around the world protested, but the West is silent!

America and Western countries have repeatedly stood by the hyenas, providing them with all kinds of war equipment and necessary assistance, and have humiliated innocent Palestinians, depriving them of their rightful rights. Unarmed innocent Palestinians have been imprisoned and tortured for years. The occupying Israelis have taken over many religious institutions, including Masjid al-Aqsa, the first Qibla of Muslims, which destroyed the great memory of Isra Qiyas.  Various obstacles are constantly being created in the observance of religious rituals of Muslims. The October 7 attack launched an attack on Israel by the pro-independence Hamas, which was planned. The reason behind this attack was to protest against the occupation of Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Jews and the release of Palestinians imprisoned by the occupying Israelis. The real reality is that the situation in Gaza has not changed a bit, but has become twice as bad as before. Seven times more Palestinians have been killed in the Unequal  War than Israelis have been killed.

More than 12,000 Palestinians have been martyred in Israeli attacks since October 7. Most of them are innocent women and children, elderly people are also on the death march. In the meantime, the Israelis have killed more than 4700 children. There are currently over 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza.  About 6,000 women will give birth within two to three months.  And women who are giving birth amid the ongoing war are dying without treatment. Even the minimum maternity services are being denied. Many of them are giving birth prematurely due to the fear of bombardment or the death of newborns.  Many pregnant women have died due to gunshot wounds. The Israelis also continue to indiscriminately bombard hospitals and healthcare facilities. Needless to say, one hundred and seven health care centers, ambulances and hospitals have been attacked so far. Seventeen of these were completely shut down, and one hundred and eleven paramedics have been killed in the bombing so far.

In addition, fifty UNCW installations were shut down by Israeli raiders and 73 workers were killed. The Israelis have destroyed all electricity and solar installations in Gaza, leaving the entire area covered in dust and darkness. As a result, Gaza’s health care system has completely collapsed, with corpses piling up without even minimal medical care. In addition, ambulances carrying wounded, educational institutions, shelters, unarmed Palestinians sheltering in hospitals used as shelters are being indiscriminately bombed. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also said that these places should not be attacked, saying he was „shocked“ by the attacks on these places. There should be strong resistance against Israel for killing such inhumane, unarmed innocent Palestinians immediately. Warlord Netanyahu and Israel should be prosecuted by the International War Crimes Court as war criminals.

Under the leadership of US President Joe Biden, the countries of the Western world have unwisely sided with Israel. As a result, the Israelis continue to commit genocide. Occupying Israelis have destroyed Palestinian homes, hospitals, mosques, madrassas, places of worship of other religions, solar power plants, power plant production, fuel production and fuel supply systems, water supply systems, vehicles carrying food, baby food, health care and relief supplies, educational institutions and shelters. Indiscriminately killing innocent unarmed Palestinian people by raining bombardments and ground attacks. Genocide is being carried out in Gaza.

 In the unequal war, almost all the weapons, warplanes, bombs, mortar shells, tanks, bullets, armored vehicles that the Israelis are using to attack Gaza are made by America and the Western world. They are equally responsible for this brutal, despicable and barbaric genocide. They want to fool the whole world into thinking that Israel has the right to defend itself. Again, they are the ones who promote human values, humanity and human rights in different countries of the world, make up stories, show flashy people, make fake truths and tell lies. But their silence on the creation of an independent Palestinian state and their hollow slogans supporting Israeli brutality seem bogus. For 75 years innocent Palestinians have been oppressed in their own land. Occupied Israelis are subjected to extreme persecution.  International human rights law makers are again violating these laws, Israel’s allies are dividing the world into exploited and exploiters. Where is the accountability!

But the people of Palestine, do not have the right to live after eating the people of Gaza? Do not have the right to live independently in the motherland? Palestinian children in the womb do not have the right to see the light of day? The proletariat, women, children and the elderly do not have the right to receive medical treatment? Call the mother of war victims mother, do not have the right to live? Seeing the innocent baby Musa in Bibi Achia’s arms, Pharaoh’s heart softened and melted.Hey Israelis, how are you killing innocent Palestinian children? Doesn’t it feel like a little illusion? It is the human responsibility and duty of every human being in the world now to recognize the rightful independence of the Palestinians and stand by them by protesting this brutal genocide.

The role of the poet and the media in humanitarian and national issues:

The role of poet and the Media in humanitarian, political and national change is immense. Real news media and poetry examines society, examines countries, examines time, examines events in a slightly different way, with real objectivity, unbiased honesty. Not by passion, in exchange for anything or being enticed by anyone. Poetry is relevant, poetry is time winner. The poet and the poem „Summum Bukmun Umayun Fahum La Yarjeun“ are plagued with problems, but this is not the case. True news and contemporary historical poetry delivered by original media pieces generally have a great impact on human life, thought, consciousness, and mind. Fair, unbiased reporting integrity, acting as a unifying political guide, accelerates national change. It plays a helpful role in forming a permanent united strong state structure. It has been so for ages. True media and realistically depicted contemporary poems are capable of creating a wave of mass awakening in the international arena, transcending motherland, country, and nation. We are currently seeing at this time. Western yellow media is always busy with biased news. The blockade, torture, killing of innocent unarmed women and children, massacres in Gaza for years and years, does not show, nor does it see. There, the individualistic media and the historical poems of hundreds of contemporary poets continue to play a helpful role in creating mass awakening for peace and freedom in the country and all over the world.

First World War, Second World War, British invasion, partition of the country, language movement, mass uprising of 1969s, uprising of 90s, liberation war of Bangladesh are the big proofs of it. The patriotic songs and poems written by all contemporary poets, literary writers, songwriters have inspired the masses of the country to protect the motherland and jump into the great liberation struggle. Free flag, free land, created mass awakening to take away freedom. Through the ages, even today, those poems and songs move the mind and mind, unite to participate in the democratic struggle in the liberation march. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Yemen, Libya, African Countries, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Kashmir, Uyghur, Arakan, Israel-Arab, Palestine Gaza 75 years of persecution and genocide have been revealed in many cases. Timeless news media and visual historical reality are depicted in the writings, poems of all timeless historical poets and literary writers. The real action of private life, state and social institutions play out in the holes of the poem. Anyway, Israel-Palestine should be together like the rhyme, allusion, and rhyme of the poem. Let Israel stay within its borders, let an independent Palestine be formed.

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