Dr Jawaz Jaffri – Toba, Pakistan

Dr Jawaz Jaffri


Dr Jawaz Jaffri is well known Poet and Critic. He Increased the Land of poetry with his modern sensibility and poetic skills . Resistance against  the voilation of human freedom, Cosmological and scientific awareness, right of Natural Death,  Cultural Identity, socio-political and emotional problems of life, association with home land, understanding of Nature, mystery of human physic,  ancient Civilizations and World mythology, Globe Wars and Atomic Weapons and honour of humanity are basic topics of his poetry. Dr Jawaz Jaffri is an important Poet of Urdu Ghazal but from the last few years he focused on Urdu and English poem. He is one of those Pakistani poets who are known in international literary circles.

Dr Jawaz  Jaffri  was born at Toba Tek Singh (Punjab, Pakistan) on  April 8,. He did his Ph.D. in Urdu literature from University of the Punjab, Lahore in 2006.Through this Thesis ( Urdu literature in Europe and America  ) he made a Bridge between East and West.He covered critical, fictional, poetic, and cultural Work of Urdu writers in Europe  and America.  This is a first document that deals the development of Urdu language and literature  in Europe and America.  At present he is serving as Professor  of language and Literature(Chairman Urdu deptt) at. Govt.Post graduate College of Science Lahore, he had been Chairman Urdu Department at Govt. M.A.O College, Lahore. He has profound interest in Creative Writing,  Criticism, Poetry, Drama writing, Column writing, Comparative Study of Religions, Historical and  Cultural Perspectives of Society, World Mythology, Relation between Sciences and Literature, International literature, Classical Music and Other Fine Arts.At present Dr Jawaz Jaffri  is the only Critic of Fine Arts in Urdu language. His book“ Khan sey Uthney Wala Fann“consist of Dance, Music, Fan-e-Pahlwani, Painting, Art of Professy and Building etc.   He owns a huge collection of classical music library. A sizeable books library is available in his study which is evident of his literary taste. Many of his poems have been translated by International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, China.Dr Jawaz Jaffri raised his Voice against Global Wars and Atomic Weapons from last Three decades .A Peaceful, residencialable and Stable World is his Dream. Dr Jawaz Jafrti is a great Activist of Human Rights.  He did continue to insist on human right to survive until the last breath of his life.His Anti War Poetry has made him controversial poet and some influenced circles  are Unhappy with him on regional and international level.

 Infact he is running an „Anti War Literary Movement“ in The Region Alone.His book “Mout Ka Haath Kalaie Per Hey” has been translated under the title “Wrist in the Clutches of Death” by Muhammad Shanazar, a Pakistani poet and . The poems of this book are also being translated in several other major languages of the world(English,  Chinees , Hungarian, Arabic,Serbian, Malaya, Philipino,  Krio)  and also local languages (Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi,Hindi,Barahvi and Hindi). He has contributed another Anti-War poetry books in Punjabi titled “Main Laam di Janj da Lahda han”, which has been translated by Harpreet Kaur and published in India by Nawi Dunia Publishers, Punjab, India. He wrote articles on international literary celebrities like Pablo Neruda, Toni Morrison, T. S Eliot, Seamus Heaney, Jan- Paul Sartre, Charles Baudelaire, Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, Kinza Br O, Gabriela Mistral, Salima Langrof, Harry Sinclair and Lu Xun, the great writer of Classical China have been published in daily Jang and Nawa-i-Waqt. Almost 20 books are in his credit as writer, he has been bestowed upon Pakistan’s prestigious Presidential Award (The National Human Rights Award, 2016).He is the recipient of

‘Frang Bordhi Literary Award’ ( Albania 2013)

‘Honoured Poet of Pakistan’ ( Ceychelles 2019)

‘ World Poetic Star Award’ ( W.N.W.U 2019)

 Besides, Presidential Award (The National ‘Human Rights Award, 2016) he s the recipient of ‘Special Shield for Peace’ by Ministry of Human Rights 2017 (Pakistan),    Quid-e-Azam Gold Medal (2015), Asian Cultural Associaon Award“(2016) and several other awards from all Pakistan Inter-Collegiate Symposiums and Speech Competitions   during academic span. He is a member of Pakistan Writers Guild, Pakistan, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad,

Member of WNWU (World Nations Writer,s Union)

Member World Literature Academy( London)

Member Motivational Strips

Member’ ANASAN

 Halqa -e-Arbab-e-Zauq, Pakistan, Drama Scrutiny Committee, Punjab Arts Council, Lahore and Adabi Baithak, Lahore Arts Council, Lahore. He also had been President Sherani Society, Govt. College, Sheikhupura, President Urdu Society, University Oriental College, Lahore, Honorary Editor Quarterly Husn-e-Byan  Monthly Magazine, Karachi and Honorary Editor Monthly Magazine G News, UK. His major work consists of poetry, Dehleez pe Aankhain, Muthi Mein Tera Wada, Maut ka Hath Kalai par Hai, Mohabat khasara naheen,  Umr-e-Rawan sey parey, Wrist in the Clutches of Death, Mera Dil Fakhta da Ahlna ay, Main Laam di Janj da Lardha han, Vasal say Khali Din, Mutbadil Dunia ka Khawb, Chiraghon se Bhari Galliyan, Asaan Sufny Sahvey rakhey and Ik Hijr Jo Ham Ko Lahaq Hai (Letters) which are read widely by the lovers of poetry. His research works include Urdu Adab Europe Aur America Mein, Iqbal Sajid Bataur Ghazal Go, Urdu Adab Europe Aur America Mein, Urdu ki Qadeem Bastian, Khaak se Uthny wala Fun, Urdu afsaane ka Maghribi Dareecha, Urdu Ghazal ka Maghrabi Daricha,Tassawarat, (Tehqiqi aur Tanqidi Mazamean), Asasa (Compiled by) The 1st poetic book of renowned poet Iqbal Sajid, Kulyat-e-Iqbal Sajid, Iqbal Sajid: Shakhsiat aur Fan and Kuliyat-e-Ustad Daman. Hs articles Bartanvi Danish Gahon Meinn Urdu Tadrees Ki Riwayat, Khak say Uthnay Wala Fann,Europe Aur America Mein Urdu Zaban ka Mustaqbil, Urdu Zaban kay Europi Shoara,  Mashriq Shanasi ki Rawait aur German Mustashreqeen, Arab Dunya ka Pehla Jang Mukhalif Shayer, Kahanat kay Tareekhi aur Takhliqi Zaaviey, Classiki Mausiqi: Dhurpad Say Khayal tak,, Lahore ki Adabi Rawait Mein Qahwa Khanon ka Kirdar, , Classiki Mausiqi mein Gharaney ka Tasawar, Classiki Mausiqi kay Pakistani Gharaney, Bar-e-Sagheer Mein Mausiqi ki Baithkon ki Rawait, Europe Aur America ki Urdu Ghazal, Donon Janib Syah Sulagta Sigret, Information Technology aur Kitab ka Mustaqbil, Maghrabi Tarz-e-Ahsas aur Is Kay Tashkili Anasir, Europe Aur America Kay Urdu Nazm Nigar, Kainati Shaur ka Shair,  Javed Shaheen Aik Ta’aruf, Shaeri, Science aur Falsafa, Tarikeen-e-Watan ki Nai Nasl aur Urdu ka Mustaqbil, Tarkeen-e-Watan ki Shaeri par Tanhai aur Begangi Kay Asraat, Tarkeen-e-Watan ki Shaeri aur Maghrabi Tarz-e-Ehsaas, Mout k Ghaat Utarty Mizamir, Narslon se aati Awazen,  Saazon ka Jahan,  Taar k Saazon ka Bawa Adam, Urdu Afsaane ma Kahani ki wapsi and Europe aur America k Urdu Nazam Nigaar were published in several national and international research journals. He is the writer of drama serials Dastak Na Do, Adh Khula Darwaza, Suragh, Teesri Aankh, Faisla, Shart and Painda. He also hosted TV Shows like ‘Marsia aur Karbla, Naat Go, Bahattar Aik Taaruf, Reit pe Likhi Dastan and Comedy Café, among his Radio Shows are Share-o-Naghama, Teri Keven Akh Lag Gai, Sajjan Dey Hath Baan and Ratt Jagay.

(Professor Mohammad Shanazar)

Aleppo Lives in My Songs

(For Hafiz Tabassum)

Carrying my little nest-egg on the head,

I left the smouldering city,

I haven’t bargained life for my conscience.

Behind my home,

Where there Euphartes once gurgled,

Is only a handful of sand.

My Aleppo,

Pulsates in my songs,

And I love it more than the toppled roof of my house.

My children need breaths more than food,

But they have seized them,

So to keep alive,

My children read the verses of Pablo Neruda,

Because the wholesome air of Chile’s woods,

Blows through those poems.

O you pellucid body of lemon skin,

I will write you down,

Along with Kafka’s fiction,

Upon leaves of memory,

The image of my heaven,

Which I inscribed on that golden bosom,

Has vanished last night,

They’ve come to steal my dreams.

After that woman left,

I learnt to stay green from plants,

And to love from birds,



And Love,

Gave me birth.

My last consummation,

Is with this dust,

I’m a mere organ,

In the cosmological orchestra.

My Face is Lost Somewhere

I swaddled the Nile

Held it on my head

And went to water the parching desert

The world came forward

To stop me short

I spat at its face.

That woman isn’t available to me

So i converse with trees

I don’t have my sleepscape to spend the night

Oryana Fallaci is asleep in my side.

Wish I’d never seen a day out of that benevolent womb

From Hamas till Qandoos

I’m stalked

While asleep upon a heap of corpses

So that i may internalize death like Dostoevsky

In the suburbs of Euphrates

They’re busy hooving their horses

To embroider wounds on my body

I’ll bury my body

On the crossroads of history.

Lying upon the heap of corpses

I smell the pearl millet bread

Those wheatish hands prepared

Fragrance of my father’s hookah

Selma lagerlof’s breathing story

Pursue me here.

In the war stricken streets of Palmyra

My blood is kept warm by coffee

The cold hands of my mother brewed

Mirror of the sky is hung on my head

And my face

Is lost somewhere.



Is that flatbread which i eat

On the golden tablecloth of this body

Hers is the dream in my eyes

Whose succulent lips

I’m dying to taste

This green grapevine has become my cross

Before desire slakes

I’ll emerge by her side

Through the way of song

Humming the tune of Beethoven!

My blood drips from the singed shoots of Olive

In the suburbs of Ayn-al-Arab

In my eyes’ backyard

There flows a deluge of tears

On my fingertips

I inscribe elegies of Seamus Heaney

I’m not a professional mourner.

There’s no window in my house

The red roses of Samarqand

And the tulips growing on the mountains od Almata

Beckon me to them

I’m waiting for the bullet

Of my share

Confronting the rage of ocean

Hemingway’s voice resounds in my head

I have to go crush this ocean’s resistance

O you Bunyan tree growing

In the south of Manser lake

It’s your love

That delays my departure.

Dreaming of a Red Brassiere Hung on Clothesline

What draws me back home

Is the aroma of her coffee

The path to home is fallen

From the bough of my acquaintance

I read lying on the cold soil of a trench

The poems of…………………….

They share my solitude

A dream chirps about on the wall of my eyes

It’s of a Badakhshanian red brassiere

hung on clothesline

With its illumined fragrance

I’d put down Peace pact

I count a few nice bygone days

On my wounded fingers

Keeping „River of Fire“ beside my pillow

I’m sleeping under the naked sky

Who’s alive here beside me?

I’m surviving upon the blade of sword

Time has lacerated my face

I’m sitting on a crossroad of the world

Stitching together my rags

In the markets of Srinagar

I fondle my pockets

My identity is lost somewhere

I feel the taste of Adonis’ poetry

Creeping through my being

The day is nigh

When i will fly with the doves

Wearing the texts of Sholokhov

There’s a hate stuffed body roaming in the city


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