Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna – Kyrgyzstan

Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna


Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna  (Kyrgyzstan)


On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, an „international conference“ was held at the World Peace Institute in the African country of Nigeria (Abuja). During the event, the poet and publicist from Kyrgyzstan Eralieva Umutkan was awarded the “WORLD ICON OF PEACE” award.

Eralieva, dedicated the work to the actual conflict that is currently taking place between Russia and Ukraine, thanks to the work “Stop the War”, which became the hallmark of Umutkan’s International creativity, she was appointed “Ambassador of Peace” at the World Peace Institute in Nigeria.

The music for the song “Stop the War”, which became the anthem of peace, was written and translated into Polish on April 29 by the great Polish composer Zbigniew Roth.

The famous Turkish poet Zeki Celik (Turkey) into English, Turkish, Israeli poet-translator Yuri Tabachnikov into Russian, Mexican poet-translator Leticia Guzman into Spanish, Brazilian poet-translator Fatima Cameiro into Portuguese, also this work has been translated into Albanian, Greek, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. in more than 20 languages of the world and published in several international anthologies.

Also the work „Stop the war!“It was published on April 20, 2022 on the cover of the popular American magazine “WORDSMITH International editorial” (“World International Editorial“) in Florida.

Published on May 1, 2013 in the magazine “ATYNIS” GALAXY POETRY (Belgium, Brussels), which has more than 2 million readers.

For the song „Stop the war“ Eralieva Umutkan was awarded certificates of international peace forums of several countries.

International Peace Corps (India, Delhi) (July 30) awarded the nomination “Ambassador of Peace”

Morocco (Rabat) awarded the Creative International Forum on Humanism for its contribution to the promotion of the international culture of peace with the certificate „Ambassador of Peace“, „International Journal of Literary Culture“ (Iraq) (December 24).

Eralieva Umutkan is a member of the National Union of Writers of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Union of Journalists of Kyrgyzstan, the Union of Writers of North America, the Eurasian Creative Guild (London).

Representative of the Barcelona International Organization of Writers and Artists CIESART in Kyrgyzstan.

Member of the International Literary Platform Eliasshagar World in Macedonia.

Academician of the ALEGRO Academy in Brazil. Literary editor of the English-language electronic magazine” Kavya Kishore “ (Bangladesh). Director of the International online publication SKILARK Poetry International SPI (Bangladesh) in Kyrgyzstan.

Winner of more than 50 international awards. Poet, writer, publicist. Author of ten books. Mother of 4 children.


Late, but the happiness has arrived:

– I will tell you my secret, my way.

It says the happiness, taking my wrists,

– I want to scare the „sluggish“ dreams away.

It all seemed to be handed out as it should be.

And I was the only one who was left out,

No matter what I asked, I didn’t have the key…

The dream didn’t come true, it was in doubt.

Life is like a camel’s hump, and it’s true,

Life as a wild hawk, then like a nightingale.

I turned my feelings into ice, I got so blue,

I didn’t believe in people, in a magic tale.

Fate sifted us through the sieve,

I didn’t stop trying and gained strength.

From the bad days, only resentment remains,

The good days passed as a fairy tale,

But without the length.

A hole in the bottom – hope is empty,

I’ve mended all my life’s flaws.

And no matter how much I endured suffering,

I waited for happiness, but without applause.

I didn’t give up my efforts, even though I was sad,

Suffered in humiliation, pain, and anger,

Luckily, life changed – the moment have come,

Happiness has arrived, not the sorrowful tears.

The morning after the night is back again,

The withered grass of longing has burned away,

Happiness has come, no blemishes, no wormholes,

Despite troubles, my soul and heart rejoice and play.

Only the patient wins in our life

Who believes in purpose, walks confidently,

You turn to a corner there is a victory awaits,

The sky doesn’t always rain gray,

Happiness may come suddenly.

(Author Eralieva Umutai Polotovna, translated by Zeki Gelik)


Stop fighting,

don’t orphan children,

Stop fighting,

don’t make a woman a widow.

The earth was bombed and stained with blood,

Do not exterminate the human race!

Stop fighting,

don’t light a stormy fire,

Don’t think about loneliness,

dreams, sadness.

Animals, innocent massacres,

Do not disturb or harm nature.

Stop the war,

Poverty has spread,

The number of homeless people has increased.

The baby’s future is in doubt…

Homeland cloud fled and suffered!


My inimitable one,

Please forgive me.

I won’t deny love.

Dearly beloved, you see.

Don’t be offended, honey,

I don’t want to be apart.

It was a misunderstanding,

Don’t take it to heart.

Rivers don’t flow backward,

Be the cure for the ailment.

You are my worthy flower,

Let’s bring love back.


Don’t shed your rainy tears,

Raise your head higher,

The sun again will shine and appear,

The wind will chase away

The black clouds on the life require.

Don’t sink into sadness and pain,

Don’t be sad, don’t belittle yourself,

Don’t let dirty words stain the road, be sane,

I say it to you to help.

Put out the fire of sordid deceit, 

You’re a neighbor – for the most part,

I’ll shine on you; I’ll hear your heart to beat,

If you say no to your misconduct.


Did it come late, or did it get lost?

 Only on the threshold of my fortieth birthday, 

Love flew in and changed my life.

I feel the emotion in my heart every day.

I want to hear your velvet voice again,

I look at you gently; you’re like a light,

This beautiful bouquet was given by you,

I inhale the scent with great delight.

Shining with a passionate feeling, unchanging,

I sing a song for the whole universe,

I am getting younger for my time, for the century,

Because I glorify true love in my verse!


I am happy that I came into the world,

In the moonlit nights I lay in my cradle,

The laws of life are known without the words,

They’re in our minds – unshakable, stable.

Living conditions must be observed and saved,

Everything is given to us by nature.

So let’s plunge into the world of a loving wave,

Let’s go to the dreamland with a rapture.

In different ways I live in the sublunary world,

Tasting the berries that are given by nature,

Sometimes we have to endure adversity a lot,

But the vagaries of life are natural.

Isn’t existence an earthly paradise?

All creatures, a man and a fly – are happy whole.

Thanks to life. If my earthly life were merry, nice

I would die with a calm and peaceful soul.


Poetry, be the beginning of earthly beauty,

Let the rivers flow from the mountain peaks,

It has to sing in flowerbeds, as birds or like a cutie

It has to sing a sensual song or only speak.

Poetry, I always enjoy your sounds,

Poetry, from all professions, I chose your way.

When I hear songs or poems, I burn with fire,

From all things, the sublime Lyre takes away.

If the people remember not a book but a line of verse,  

It will be enough for me, for my universe!


A woman is a delicate and beautiful flower,

She is like a spring, bringing joy and warmth.

There are many different wonders at this hour,

But there’s truth, a woman is the best on the Earth!

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