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Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu –


(World Popular)

I have penned and authored ©English Songs (Lyrics) on different and varied subject matter. Contact me for your requirement for considering utility of these songs for movies.  These songs could be composed for tunes, songs and music.

These lyrical songs can be composed and practiced in various ragas in Classical music, Hindustani, Carnatic, Fusion, Folk, Baul, Ghazal, Qawwali, Chaiti, Kajan, Sufi music including eastern & western types of music style. The music also can be composed as per the choice of listeners and music lovers.

Apart from this, modern music like Bhangra, Filmi, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Trance music can be composed for some of the songs for the lyrics of these English Songs. This songs/music can be practiced by one-and-all who is/are vocal practitioners and musicians, music directors, music composers and music associations can well utilize this opportunity whoever interested in composing various types of music to play & listen on the latest digital stereo versions. 

I write my lyrical songs for sale to Musicians/film producers. My songs (lyrics) could be composed for best tunes, music and for composing full song for use in movies viz., Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood films.  Even my songs (Lyrics) could be utilized for making private albums. I will write songs (lyrics), according to the wishes of musicians/film producers/artists purpose.

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Novelist, Poet, Song & Story Writer.


My Tributes to the Departed Soul.

My deepest condolences to the bereaved family members.


The Soul be rest in peace.

The Soul be happy in the Heaven’s place

The God sent Angel fulfilled her duty.

The Queen Elizabeth name be forever//

The God and The Soul, only two knew us well.

To enquire how we are, these two never seen anywhere.

Only one solution is left.

To self-advocate through our inner Soul//

Its Queen Elizabeth wishes from the Heaven

The beauty angel saw our feelings

Conveyed a message through the air of breath

Breeze wished through the Str Night Moon//

My Heart and Soul conquered the Natures Strength

Moved towards the Moon Light place.

Saw an Angel Queen in the Light of that Night.

Heart smelt happy to see that beauty Queen//

The Soul sought to swing to admire that beauty Queen

Thought for a while who that Angel was

The Queen Elizabeth looked like a Sparkling Star.

The Moon blessed this star to twinkle in the night//

Thoughts felt happy to cheer that, Queen.

It’s none other than Elizabeth, the God sent Angel.

My Heart went round to greet the Angel.

The Moon and the Stars blessed this Queen’s Soul//

Thought the life be like a full Moon.

Light of the Moon be with my Heart soon.

Affection from the Queen’s Soul be with my Soul and Heart.

Heart of Hearts, the Soul wished the Soul.

Affection like love wished that Queen Angel.

Love in the moon Light, like a Heaven on the Earth.

The Night is a gift from the Universe to all.

Heart and Soul felt happy for the Moon Light Night//

Gone people are in the heaven.

They wish us each day through Moon Light Stars.

We all wish the Elizabeth Queen’s Soul be happy.

No substitute to Queen Elizabeth’s Soul.



Me, a small kid

No justice from Almighty

God forgotten my Placement

Address not given by the God

Oh God, Why did you cursed me

You are there, don’t curse us //

Injustice to me and Orphan friends

The mesmerism by the God unknown

God’s blunder to Orphans creation

Priceless fault, whom to blame //

Rulers sitting pretty

Orphans crying pity

Rulers’ negligence observed

Orphans sufferance seen //

Schemes many for Orphans

Doesn’t reach Orphans promptly

Its Orphans fate, a bad luck

Agents full belly as middle-men //

Care and Agencies many for Orphans empty

Weep and weep, Orphans weep

Who come to rescue, God only knew

Neglected Orphans, cursing on Orphans //

Life and death, its Orphans way

Struggles and troubles, its Orphans life

Sufferance and hardship, its Orphans fate

Orphans charms, its Oceans route //



Pity, Pity, We Feel Sorry


I see East, Each Time Tsunami

View at West, Every Time Quake

I Am Against War and Bomb

Pity, Pity, Pity, We Are Worried


I Appeal Rulers, To Get People Peace

Don’t Go For War, People Loose Life

Pity, Pity, Pity, No War, No War


No, No, No, War Crimes No

Yes, Yes, Yes, Peace Accord Best

Pity, Pity, Pity, We are Afraid


I and You Feel, Need of the Hour

Food and Shelter, Foremost Talk

Pity, Pity, Pity, Children are Pretty


Adopt, Adopt, We will Adopt Village

Develop and Develop, Village People Develop.

Pity, Pity, Pity, Villages Are Pretty


Each is Great, Who Work for Peace

Great and Great, Mankind is Great.

Pity, Pity, Pity, We are all Pretty

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,

Ku, Ku, Koo

Happy and Happy, Everybody be Happy

Pity, Pity, Pity, We be Pretty




(Love Shy Song)


I am in love with a girl

To my conscious, the girl not loved me

I am worried to speak to her

She never cares me

I thought, I want to speak to her

She never gives a chance to speak

I am wasting time and money

Still, it’s a long shot to meet and speak

I am sensitive in mind

I am afraid to speak in public

I feel I am nervous

It looks guilty to speak to her

I thought all the ways and means

I followed a strategy not to speak to her

I kept silent for few months

Slowly I was forgetting her

Her details are in Matrimony list

I too registered in the same Matrimony list

Her elders contacted me

I gave a green signal for an alliance

A day came closer to marriage alliance

It was a day I went to her home

She was called to speak to me

She never spoke to me, as I expected

I thought she rejected me

I was hoping for a success alliance

No reply came from her side

I doubted about this marriage alliance

A couple of weeks passed

Message came from her

She was ready for an alliance with me

I accepted for this good proposal



Yeh! Surma, Yeh! Surma ǁ

Look at East, Suffer from Tsunami

North-West, Suffer from Earth Quake

West, Suffer Infighting, South-West from bombarding ǁ

Dangers of war like scenario are hovering clouds

Gun fires and bombings are disturbing peace

World is worried, all people are helpless

To maintain peace and harmony, to open a dialogue ǁ

Humanity, mankind and peace are the priorities

One has no authority to pollute the environment

Peace and harmony are the priorities of 21st century

Can’t afford to lose, lives and property damages ǁ

Where is the point, and what for emanating of war

Peace and tranquility are need of the hour

The whole world lauds and needs discussion on table

People are worried a lot; try avoiding war crime situations ǁ

Green Tracks Blazing Away

Glazing Ball Rolling Away

Liking Runs Flowing Home

World is shouting in Laughing Way ǁ

Respect and Honor Flowing-in

Money and Awards, Coming-in

Felicitations are Pouring-in

They’re Richey Rich, Ohǃ Surma Surma ǁ

Service to Villages is beautiful way

Villages’ look-alike polished way

Business preferring cashless way

Paytm, Atm, Oh!  Payment way ǁ


You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

You Be Laughing

I Respect You All

You Do Smile For Charity

I know, You Deserve //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

You Know Rainbow Colors

Our Life Has Many Colors

Your Eyes Have Multi-Colors

Our Life Has colorful Colors //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

Your Thinking Has Lovely colors

You’re Shrewdness, An Ideal Aspect

Your Frame-of-Mind Has Best Principles

Your Will Power, A Success to Life //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

You’ve Stunning Star Luck

You’re Soberness, Lead to Success

You’re Service Concept, A Stability

A Success, Your Sunshine Star luck //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

You know sheer hard Work Fetches

Hard Life Turns Beautiful Life

Simplicity Favors One Day

The World Support Your Deeds All Days //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

You Don’t Run Hear and There

Your Vision, An ingenious Vision

Day is No Far, Have Your Luck Soon

Technology Tools Favor you well //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //

Success Is In Your Way

It’s Show Put-up All the Way

Efforts Makes You All the Great

The God Bless You Soon, the Best //

You’re Pretty

My Dear Pretty //



Oh! Lord, Bless me Education

Give me intelligence capacity

Like to stand on my own

Bless me, courage and wisdom ǁ

Mother, you’re the Power of Knowledge

Can’t live without your blessing

Accord me confidence and stability

Incarnate in me for my education ǁ

Mother, you’re the sea-bridge

Make us free from impediments

Bless and show the life path

You’re the savior of this Universe ǁ

Lord, your smile is sufficient

You possess treasure and knowledge

Your light on us is your blessing

Identify our efforts of education ǁ



Feel happy at the natural sites

Pleasantness comes in life

Feel happy at river-flow site

One’s ideas flow like water flow ǁ

Pray my Nature God for my birth

Godness is beautiful nature

Nature belongs to living beings

Preserve my beauty land ǁ

I feel happy to adores my nature

My loving the nature, is my loving the Universe

My breathing the oxygen, is my living the life

I can’t pack the air, but for my deeds ǁ

Beauty lies in the farm land

Waterfalls is the life-line

Life’s happiness is the river flows

Not pollute the water and air ǁ

Am here in this glittering world

Nature has compositions

Nature knew its compositions well

Nature has hidden healing powers ǁ

Avoid and avoid, conflicts and combats

Minds vary from leader to leader

Hope to be optimistic for peace and tranquility

Don’t suggest for gun and bomb battles ǁ

People in power, can’t act fast

Power is not for combats and conflicts

Souls weep if lives are lost

Cursing can ruin the heredity’s soon ǁ


Look Rey Look, don’t be greedy

Yah, don’t chase money

Hey, money can ditch you

You know, money comes and goes ǁ

Look O Look, you avoid doll-drums

Yeah, you have good mouth piece

Try get Peace of Mind, try and Try

Hey, lest, you’re smashed ǁ

Thy, Life to run on life tracks

Look Rey Look, you’re engine driver

O See, all bogies your kith and kin

Hey, don’t drive engine like goods ǁ

A lovely image indicates the lovely mind

A lovely mind indicates the lovely feeling

A lovely feeling is for a lovely talk

A lovely talk is the result of a lovely friend ǁ

A nice moment is the result of a good mind wave-length

A lovely thought is the result of a good study

A hard work study indicates the nice behaviour

Behavioural attitudes are the combination of personality-cult ǁ

Look Rey Look, Birth and Death common

Hey, Try become legend, Try and Try

Your deeds show the path

Legends always simple and simple ǁ

Thy, Life to run on life tracks ǁ

Look Rey Look, Birth and Death common ǁ


Merry Kudos Kudos

Lovely Kudos Kudos

Natural love, Kudos Kudos

Never give up, Kudos Kudos ǁ

You know, My Tone Never Lie, Kudos

I Need Natures Beauty and Like Natures Blessing

I Need Nature’s Healing with Nature’s Orders

Kudos, never give up, never give up ǁ

Kudos, I am No Greedy For Money

Kudos, I don’t Need Free Meal in my Life

Kudos, I know, Nothing Lasts Forever

Kudos No Risks and No Too Much ǁ

Kudos, I like open Minded People

Kudos, This is the Nurture Time

Kudos, No Excuses, No Excuses

Kudos Kudos No Risks, No Risks and No Risks ǁ

Merry Kudos Kudos ǁ

You know, My Tone Never Lie, Kudos ǁ

Kudos, I am No Greedy for Money ǁ

Kudos, I like open Minded People ǁ

My worry is for children sake

Attention is for family sake

Path is on for discipline route

Like to live in a legal road ǁ

Our agony is for helpless children

Service goes to children’s’ growth

Support goes to helpless people

Ready to work for an action and cause ǁ

O Nature, be kind and oblige lives

O God, be shower your blessing to lives

O Sun, be sympathetic to living beings

O Moon, be cool to lives and life ǁ

O God, Don’t be rash

O Nature, Don’t be harsh

O Sea, be calm and quiet

O Wind, Don’t be helter-skelter ǁ

O My Nature, ban tsunami and hurricane

O My God, ban quakes and floods

O My Sea, ban your temper and angry

O My Wind, be slow, calm and quiet ǁ

Should be lovely good morning

Very good and pleasant day today

Continue to be beautiful days ahead

Should always hope so, optimistic ǁ

My wishes to all your families

Good luck to all the brothers, sisters, relatives and so on

Each day is a Natures Gift from the Universe

May God bless us, at all times ǁ

The God is residing in our own hearts

Rhythmic heart beats are God’s reminders

God is with us each fraction of a second

He reminds us, I am with you always

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