(O M A Ž) TRIBUTE TO THE PALESTINIAN POET Martyr Hiba Abu Nada (Hiba Kamal Saleh Abu Nada) (24.06.1991 -21.10.2023)

Martyr Hiba Abu Nada (Hiba Kamal Saleh Abu Nada (24.06.1991 -21.10.2023)


Martyr Hiba Abu Nada (Hiba Kamal Saleh Abu Nada) is an eternal freedom fighter hero of the great Sipahsala.She is a Palestinian poet, lyricist and novelist. She was born in Makkah on June 24, 1991 and was killed in an airstrike by Israel, Ghazar Khan Yunus at his home on October 21, 2023. Hiba was a Palestinian independence popular young novelist, poet, educator and human rights activist. In 2017, his novel „Oxygen is not for the dead“ won the „Sharjah Award“ for creativity. Hiba holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the Islamic University of Gaza and a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Al-Azhar University. Poet Hiba Abu Nada worked tirelessly till the moment of her death for the overthrow of the illegal Israeli occupation of Gaza and the independence movement, improving the quality of life of orphans, human rights and establishing justice and good governance.

(On the other side, stay well in paradise dear poet friend, may your dream come true Gaza be free, be free your beloved homeland Gazans, Palestinians.)

– In editing by International Peace Ambassador Sabyasachi Nazrul, bilingual global poet, motivational writer, columnist, rhymer, presenter.

“ Childrens who haven’t used names yet DIED, Dying „

                                                              – Hiba Abu Nada

From the Facebook wall of Hiba Abu Nada, a young Palestinian freedom fighter who was martyred in an Israeli airstrike at her home in Khan Yunus town in southern Gaza, Palestine –


We are in  Gaza before God,

Between an martyr and a witness on the Liberation,

and we are all waiting for where we will be,

We are all waiting for your promise of truth

[Written before death on 20th October, 2023]


Zahra Zone in Gaza threatens a whole 24 bombing

Towers right now,

an entire city is martyred by Towers,

Ya Allah Ya Allah…

[ Written before death on 20th October, 2023]


For the Arab Celebrities,

who haven’t talked about us,


don’t call anyone who doesn’t

the issue unless we’re Calling it out,

It’s negligence.

[Written on October, 19, 2023]


If we die,

know that we are content and steadfast,

and let them know that we are the righteous

[Written On October 19, 2023]


My friends list is shrinking turning into tiny coffins scattered here and there,

I can’t catch my friends flying after the missiles,

I can’t bring them back,

I can’t cherish them, I can’t cry,

I don’t know what to do!

Every day it shrinks more,

These are not just names

These are us with different faces and names.

Lord what do we do Lord in front of this huge feast of death,

No icons here bring them back even falsely….

[Written on October 19.2023]


Whenever a line is crooked on the map of Palestine

Between the cities, the bullets are corrected.

Eraser for kids, cities correct mistakes with bullets,

Gaza for example.

[Written on October 18, 2023]


The wish that we, the people of Gaza,

Know; Everyday I used to choose your senses,

why am I wearing a jilbab and you wearing a shoroud?

An the occasion has changed!

I’m going to die and you’re going to heaven!

What a loss, I wish we together!

[October 18, 2023]


We are barely alive and barely surviving,

God knows that!

But we have protected us from the absence of

the name of those who failed us and those who won us,

Not in memory but in a in eternity,

we will carry them in our coffins,

When we die,

we will bear them untill injustice is

defeated and the truth prevails

[Written on October 18, 2023]


When we go to our Lord,

we will tell him to answer at

the Arabs and the brothers in

the second division of the homeland first.

[Written on October, 17, 2023]


It’s like this, we are all in a open field,

Snails are exhausted from the siege

and death carries a huge barge and waves

it at us left and right,

We all die and the field is empty and the Snails fly!

[Written on October 17, 2023]


We are up building a second city,

Doctors without patients or blood,

Teachers without crowds and shouting at students,

New families without pain or sadness,

Journalists who picture paradise,

Poets who write in eternal love,

All of them from Gaza.

In paradise there is a new Gaza

without Siege forming now.

[Written on October 15, 2023]


We live in an unspeakable misery now,

In the midst of this,

I feel the fragrance of peace.

I know – if it survives,

a new city will be built one day in the middle of this destruction.

A cry of pain rings through the air here,

Blending in with the doctors’ bloody robes,

Even with a hundred affections,

the teachers (with utmost affection)

hugged the little students,

In the face of a hundred perils,

families continue to demonstrate

the ultimate in unwavering steadfastness.

[Written on October 13, 2023]


This night will be difficult we will be cut of them

all the causes of the earth,

and we will not be cut off from the causes of the sky,

In God’s farewell Gaza one by one.

[Written on October 13, 2023]


No time for big funerals and proper goodbyes,

No time for much time,

There’s a sensational rocket coming,

We’ll settle for a sneaky kiss on the forehead

and a quick goodbye and wait for the new death,

No time for goodbyes..

[ written on October 9. 2023 ]


A night in Gaza without the flash of a howitzer

Becomes completely overwhelmed,

This city is silent except for the sound of bombs.

Without the peace of prayer, this terrible time,

Big black without the light of the martyrs.

Good night, my Gaza!  Good night!

[October 8, 2023]

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