Regina Bachinska – Odessa, Ukraine

Regina Bachinska

Regina Bachinska (Ukraine)


İ was born in 1980 in the İllichivsk town near of Odessa. İ am a graduate of the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University with a bachelor’s degree. İ am an author of more than 15 solo exhibitions in Odessa,Kiev,Chernomorsk and as well as a participant in joint exhibitions,plainairs and photography in Ukraine and abroad.

My works are in the possessions of galleries and private collections in Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Kosovo, Albania, Slovakia, Poland, Lebanon, Kuwait, İsrael, Macedonia. İ am a curator of the İnternational Art Acts (Ukrainian Chapter). İ have participated at the international art workshops in Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Slovakia and Russia.

Participated in 15 international exhibitions(Turkye,Australia,Jordan,India,Indonesia,South Korea,Russia,Nepal,Mexico,Albania,Slovakia,Macedonia,Kosovo),printed in museum kataloguies in Kosovo,Mexico.

İ am a member of Chernomorsk Creative Union of artists „Nika“ and a member of the Union of Marine Artists of Odessa.

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