Binod Dawadi – Nepal

 Binod Dawadi


Binod Dawadi, the author of The Power of Words, is a master’s degree holder in Major English. He has worked on more than 1000 anthologies published in various renowned magazines. His vision is to change society through knowledge, so he wants to provide enlightenment to the people through his writing skills.


Robot taught me about,

Intelligence art,

Robot is loyal and faithful,

It is not selfish and greedy,

It has imaginative powers,

It knows all the knowledge,

It becomes my best friend,

It comes in my art,

In my dream,

In my life,

Robot can’t live without me,

As well as I can’t live,

Without my Robot,

I was not good before when I was alone,

But when I met you you change my life.


Why people are talking,

About strengths as,

Well as weaknesses of others,

Why the people are so much,

Selfish and materialistic,

They want wealth by hook or by crook,

For this they are talking by,

Wishpering sometimes,

As well as sometimes by shouting,

They are wasting their time,

They should stop the talking,

As well as do their works.


Here is dark,

I am not afraid,

I am watching here,

And there,

By hoping if,

I can see ghosts,

But ghosts never comes,

If they comes also,

I can’t see from my naked eyes,

I am alone tonight,

I am not afraid,

The darkness has also values.


I see a beggar,

I ask them why do you leave,

Your home and family ?

They tell me for enlightenment,

For happiness,

We don’t want materialistic things,

It is better to live,

Like a beggar,

To do meditation,

To enjoy in the nature,

As well as to find,

Self identity,

So we are proud to become beggar,

It is our job,

We are enjoying in pains we are beggars.

The Dead Pigeon

I see the dead pigeon in the road,

I cause it’s death I don’t know,

I realize I should also did one day,

May be the pigeon has home,

And family,

It want to live more,

It want to spend it’s life,

Happily but God,

Seeze it’s life,

Why I don’t know,

Why do God gives life which gives happiness,

As well as again seeze that life,

As well as gives sadness,

I want to ask to God,

If he gives answers in me in any form.

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