Daniela Isache – Lasi, Romania

Daniela Isache


Born on June 28 th , 1958,  in the city of  Iaṣi (Romania) ;

Graduated the Faculty of Philology at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi (Romania) in 1981;

Private painting lessons with the Romanian painter Ion Neagoe;

Member of the Visual Artists Union from Romania   since 2000;

Member of the art workshop Stefan Luchian, Iaşi, since 2004;

Presence in the album A Century of Fine Arts in Iaşi, ART XXI Publishing House, 2004;

Presence in the Illustrated Art Dictionary of Fine Arts in Moldavia, Art XXI Publishing House, 2011;

My painting Mysterious Old Man was shown in the film Erik Zamani/ Time of the Plums, directed by Sezen Kayhan (Turkey), released in 2011;

Solo and Group Exhibitions: Rotonda Center, Iaşi (1985);  Flacăra Iaşului Center , Iaşi (1985 – 1987); Cronica Gallery , Iaşi (1987, 1988, 2003); Orizont Hotel,Iaşi (1987); French Cultural Center  Iaşi (1986),  Luceafărul  Theater, Iaşi (1988),  Casa Pogor Museum ,Iaşi (1988), Teatrul Foarte Mic ,Bucharest (1987), House of Writers, Chisinau (Republic of  Moldova) (1990), Business Center, Mangalia (2004), Cupola Gallery,Iaşi (2001 – 2013), Nicolae Tonitza Gallery, Iasi (2015), Theodor Pallady Gallery, Iasi  (2017), Theodor Pallady Gallery, Iasi  (2019) ; Salon of the Visual Artists Union from Romania, Palace of Culture , University Library, World Trade Center, Union Museum  ,Iaşi (2000 – 2020), Stefan Luchian Cenacle of Fine Arts, Sala Paşilor Pierduţi, Al. I. Cuza University of Iaşi (2003-2006), Moldavian Salons from  Bacău and  Chisinau (2004-2014), Gheorghe Petraşcu International Art Biennale Târgovişte (2012), International Art  Exhibition Anotimpul semnelor noastre ,Târgu Jiu (2013), International Exhibition of Visual Art  Ritmuri atemporale , Palas Mall Iaşi (2013), Inima Exhibition of Visual Art , Palas Mall Iaşi (2013), National Salon of Visual Art Atitudini Contemporane (2013), International Art Exhibition Balcic – Artişti fără frontiere, Ruse, Bulgaria (2013), International Art Exhibition Sǎrbǎtori, Elite Prof Art  Gallery Bucharest (2013), Eminesciana International Art Exhibition , Galleries of Royal Foundation of University Library,  Iaşi (2014), International Art Exhibition L’Arte a confronto, Galleria Farini, Bologna, Italy (2014), International Art Exhibition,  World Trade Center Bucharest (2014), Mediterranean Art Festival, Museo della Memoria Island Eolie-Lipari, Italy (2014), International Festival A.R.T.E.,  I.Art  Galleries of Royal Foundation , University Library  Iaşi (2014), Aurel Băeşu International Competition of Visual Arts, Piatra Neamț (2014), International Visual Artists  Salon, Galleries of Royal Foundation , University Library Iasi (2014), International Autumn Art Salon, Gallery I.Art Iaşi (2014), Art Exhibition, CupolaGallery Iaşi( 2014), Despre Eminescu, Theodor PalladyGallery , Iaşi(2015), Astra Salons, Sibiu (2014-2015), Art Exhibition Careu de dame , Palas Mall Iaşi (2015), Exposition internationale d’art collective, Galerie Artitude  Art Contemporain, Paris, France (2015), Identităţi ieşene Visual Art Exhibition , Ion Neagoe Art GalleryIaşi ( 2015), International Visual Art Exhibition at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest (2015 –2016); International Art Exhibition , Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara, Vibo Valentia, Italy (2017);  International   Painting Exhibition Together, Art Gallery Elite Prof Art & Pullman Bucharest -World Trade Center,(2018); Dragobete Art. Ro Exhibition , Victoria Gallery, Iasi (2018) ; Prize Art Exhibition ‚D’E.M. Venice ArtGallery, Venice (Italy), (2018); Biennale d’ Arte Adriatica, Circolo Aternino, Pescara , Italy ( 2018); Exhibition  Metamorphoses, National Library of   Romania, Bucharest (2018); Exhibition Simeza ieșeană, Mobile Gallery from  Piața Unirii, Iași ( 2019); Artists Summer Salon Summer Vibes, Art Gallery ‘’Cluj Art “ , Cluj- Napoca  (2021). International Art Exhibition Calea suferinţei  , Dan Hatmanu Gallery , Iasi (2021); Pontica Art Biennale , Boris Georgiev Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria (2021) ; International Exhibition of Contemporary Art The 2nd Way after Postmodernism, Umelka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia (2021)

Awards: Painting Award at Dragobete.Art Exhibition,  Palas Mall, Iaşi (2015); Certificate of Participating in the Belt of Peace, Friendship and Love (Greek Art Union) (2015);  Painting Award  at Careu de Dame International Exhibition (2017), Ion Neagoe Art Gallery, Iaşi (2017); Mixed Technique Award, Eminesciana International Creation Award (2016),  Iaşi and Barlad; Award for  Originality at the International Competition Aurel Băeşu, Piatra Neamţ (2014 ); Painting Award  Fabricat în România, Palas

 Mall Iaşi  (2016); Award at International Festival A.R.T.E. for my work The Clown, Theodor Pallady Gallery,  Iaşi (2017): Attestato Di Merito e Partecipazione , lV Mostra Collettiva a Premi Prize Art Exhibition , D’E.M. Art Gallery, Venezia , Italy (2018) ; Gold-plated Medal for the representation of painting The Clown in the collection European Art Museum from  Frederiksvaerk , Denmark  (2018); Jury Award for Exhibition Empatii de o parte şi de alta a Prutului , Mihail Kogălniceanu Museum,  Iaşi (2019) Award for Painting-Composition, Festival A.R.T.E., Dan Hatmanu Gallery ( 2020); Visual Art Award:  Organizers Award at Calea suferinţei International Exhibition,  Dan Hatmanu Gallery , Iași, (2021).

E-mail: isachedaniela_is@yahoo.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/isachedaniela/

Site : https://danielaisache.artweb.com/expressionism-my-love


Motto: If Expressionism has not existed, I would have invented it.

   Since I was young, I looked at the world differently from the other people. I saw a strange world and I always wondered why the other people did not see it like me. The world I saw was unjust and made of unhappiness. Looking profoundly at people faces, I found them very expressive and I was stroke by their strange traits. I have never seen beautiful or ugly faces but only very expressive ones. Then, I began to paint these faces and I met my future love – Expressionism. At that time, I discovered and understood that the Expressionist painting could express extremely well the life as I see it.

   I applied my Expressionism without making any concession to the beautiful or decorative painting. I applied it with force and sometimes with despair. However, when finishing a painting I felt released. I felt as if all my pain and troubles disappeared from my life. The dramatic motifs I found in everyday life have created insurmountable interrogations and tensions. When looking at my paintings, I see there fear, sorrow, while I remain calm; I understood that my Expressionism saved me from these awful problems. Some people told me they could not remain indifferent when looking at my painting and my painting made them think and react; this is the most important thing for a human – not to remain indifferent to what he sees in the world around him.  Some of the people accompanied me on the routes of my self-knowledge and my complicated existence.

    Expressionism made me think of the sad everyday world. I saw the diseases of our century and I entered the social zone, at the same time suggesting things about the universe near me. This is such an intricate, marvellous and sometimes terrifying Universe!

   I understood that my life and the life of those who like my Expressionism were thankful to the Expressionist World. Expressionism is my way to show the world as I see it, and my Expressionist world is a world without compromise, but full of pain and interrogations.


Quand j’étais jeune, je regardais le monde différemment de mes amis. Je voyais un monde étrange, inquiète de remarquer que les autres ne le voyaient pas comme moi. Le monde me paraissait injuste et fait de malheur. En observant attentivement les visages des gens, je les trouvais très expressifs et j’étais touchée par leurs traits étranges. Ils n’étaient ni beaux ni laids mais expressifs. Alors, j’ai commencé à peindre ces visages et j’ai rencontré mon amour à venir – l’Expressionime. A ce moment, j’ai découvert et compris que la peinture expressioniste pouvait exprimer la vie telle que je la vois.

J’ai utilisé l’Expressionisme sans aucune concession à la peinture qu’elle soit belle ou décorative. Je l’ai utilisée avec force et quelquefois avec désespoir. Cependant, quand j’achevais une peinture je me sentais libérée. Je me sentais comme si ma tristesse et problèmes disparaissaient de ma vie. Les raisons dramatiques que je rencontrais dans la vie quotidienne créaient d’insurmontables interrogations et tensions. Je me calmais, toutefois quand je regardais ma peinture, j’ai vu la peur, la tristesse et j’ai compris que mon Expressionisme me sauvait. Certains m’ont dit qu’ils ne pouvaient pas rester indifférents quand ils regardaient ma peinture qui les faisait penser et réagir ; c’est l’essentiel pour un Homme – de ne pas rester indifférent à ce qu’il voit. Certains m’ont accompagnée sur les routes de mon apprentissage et de mon existence compliquée.

L’Expressionisme me fit penser aux jours tristes de ce monde. J’ai vu les maladies de notre siècle et je suis entrée dans l’univers du social qui, en même temps, suggère les éléments de mon environnement proche. C’est un univers tellement complexe, merveilleux et parfois terrifiant !

J’ai compris que ma vie et la vie de ceux qui aiment mon Expressionnisme sont reconnaissants au monde Expressionniste. L’Expressionnisme est ma façon de montrer le monde tel que je le vois.

Traduit  de l’anglais par Cécile Bouscayrol – Historienne des Arts et Artiste.

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