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Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar is an Editor in the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of Education, Government of India. He had been Principal Publication Officer in the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language in 2007. He is, presently, a member of the Advisory Board of National Book Trust India.

He is a Multilingual (English, Hindi, and Urdu) famous poet, short story writer, and critic from India. He is a Graduate with English Honors from Ranchi University. He has topped Jawaharlal Nehru University in Masters with Literature. He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy for his Research Work from the University of Delhi. He is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Calligraphy, Mass Media, and in Book Publishing with a Specialization in Editing.

He has begun writing his poems in English since lockdown in the period of Pandemic Covid-19. He has written around 55 poems, participated in many worldwide webinars, and published in various international anthologies, so far. His as many as 25 poems have been translated by many award-winning litterateurs in Polish, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Albanian languages. His poems are being published in several magazines within the country and abroad. His poem ‘The Burning Boat’ contains mystic (Sufism) and metaphysical elements.

He has bagged many States and National Awards and accolades for his literary works. His around 200 articles and research papers have been published in reputed national and international literary journals and periodicals. He has a total of 13 published books, 2 each of collections of short stories and collections of poems, 5 books of criticism, and 4 books of translation from other languages in his credential. His one children’s storybook has been published by a premier organization National Book Trust, India. His collection of 12 stories for children is ready to print from India.

Furthermore, his anthology entitled as “The Burning Boat” is in the process of publishing, and is likely to be brought out.


This is the poem of the time

Written on the wall of human body

Time spares none to carry the five elements all in one

Time works against the nerves of the human brain

Just like friction works against the speed of a train

We have come from the dust

We have to go to the dust

Time is infidel, like a young beloved

We never can trust

Time always shows us mirror

But we become able to see it

When we lost all of our vigor

The mirror looks beautiful in our youth

It becomes futile when we got old-age

Human life is such a fragile and disgusting

Even a particle of sand,

Lying in the desert is more powerful than us

If you want to overcome on time,

Says sand’s particle to us

Be provident and, don’t get nervous


I had burnt my boat

When I crossed the sea

I was then alone

Only my shadow witnessed it

Now, the stink of burning only I can smell

The burnt mark is visible to those

Who have sparks in their eyes

I am carrying the sea and burnt boat within me

My boat was burning

There on the sands of the seashore

Since then with every tide

Sea attempts to put out the fire and

Wash off my burnt boat

Even for the high tide, it’s not possible to do so

My heart is burning in the separation of my beloved

Its pang is too intensive

My blanket cannot properly cover my body

To extinguish the fire

The sea is nothing but my vast body

My toes are touching the sea bed

My boat is my heart within – the Sun on the sky

Smokes come out all over in my mind

My hairs turned into ashes grey

By the heat of my burning heart

It seems, my heart can’t meet

Can’t make a reunion with my beloved

Till the sea of my body gets dried out

O, My Lord!

How long I will have to wait

To show you my burning heart



O, My beloved

This is not like that

I do not love you anymore,

Albeit, I do not express it,

That how much to you, I do adore

I love you more,

Make it quite sure,

You are my heart and soul,

This is the other thing,

I do not exhibit it,

In the word of having letter four

Even if all the charms have lost,

from the half open-angle of your rose-like curly lips,

I do not stare at them

All the times with the greedy eyes,

And lusty lips.

I do not try to wake up you from sweet dreaming,

By stirring the Taj Mahal like your bosoms,

To take you out for the moon-bath,

In the night of the full strawberry moon,

like those of our initial days

It is not like that,

I do not love you anymore,

I do not have a sense of the rising waves,

Those of the thirst in the sea of your eyes,

But it is true,

I don’t want, always to sail my boat.

My winning is hidden in your wins, indeed,

In the game of the chess,

O, My heart stealer!

I do not convert my every wins into defeat,

Please do not see my deviations,

As my indifferent attitude towards you,

In our vast journey of love,

O, My co-traveler!

You have been my soul mate,

I cannot live without you,

The distance is a sojourn,

Since bread and butter have also to earn,

Stomach, sometimes, becomes more powerful,

Than our heart and soul

It makes us forget all aims and goal,

This is the reason that

I do not want to make wet

Your deer-like beautiful eyes…

O, My beloved!

This is not like that

I do not love you anymore

Albeit, I do not express it,

That how much to you, I do adore…


Let women bloom like flowers in the garden

Let children play like butterflies in the playground

Let old aged people sit and gossip in the field

They are pearls and gems of the sea of humanity

They are the inevitable members of our society

They are the basis of the progress of our vicinity

The true men should always protect their chastity

The true men should respect them for their modesty

The true men should regard them for their dignity

Because a true man never cries, what may come?

Because a true man never raise his hands on women

Because a true man never escapes from the burden

The Desire of a Poem

A Poem Wants the Reward of its Beauty

A poem is restless, at somewhere in the distance in my soul

A poem ———-

Sometimes from the high peaks of mind

And sometimes, from the deep valleys of my heart

Like some new delicate bud

A poem is being impatient to raise its head

Having a desire to see the new world around

A poem being excited by ecstasy, is waving all in a hurry

Like a spring comes out with flow

After tearing the chest of hard rocks

In the same manner,

Emotions are boiling in the kiln of my senses

Like Vapors, these vigorous emotions are boiling

By breaking all the boundaries of consciousness,

Wants to wave along waves in reckless atmosphere

                Fly along with to winds

Roam along with the beetles

Like a small water spring, which gets found its own way

A poem also wants to break out from the raised walls

                                From my soul, from my heart

It wants to be a storm

It wants to be popular among its admirers

Who has dared to stop the jumping water of spring by one’s feet,

How can I stop, a poem also

The poem has been the product of society since the dawn of civilization

The poem wants its own status

How long it can be confined

In the iron-cage of a body

A poem wants somethings extra for self-confinement

A poem is a blowing water

A poem is a troubling wave

It wants from a little spring to be a high waterfall

A poem wants to find the reason of its existence

A poem wants the courage to reach out up to you

A poem wants the reward of its beauty!

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