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Dr Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

POET, NOVELIST,  SONG AND STORY WRITER Below are my story books details for FEATURE FILMS MAKING. Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Litt.D., Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer B. Com, DBM, PGDCA, DCP, Royal Success International Book of Records 2019 Honor InSc Research Excellence Award-2020, Bangalore (India) Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips 2020 Honor Hon. Doctorate in Litt. from ITMUT, Brazil. (2019) Literary Brigadier Honor (2018) from Story Mirror, Mumbai, India Spotlight Superstar Honor (2018) from Story Mirror, Mumbai, India 30+ Global Poetic Certificates (2018, 2019, 2020) Hyderabad Telangana State (INDIA) Email : Phone Nos. +91-9951038802 +91-8186945103 ……………. THE TRUE HERO © STORY   THE BANK THIEF © SUCCESS KNOW-HOW © ENTANGLEMENTS © (26 Stories) 1.     WHAT I CAN DO IN MY LIFE STORY 2.     DERAILED MISSION STORY  3.     MY CRACK BOSS STORY 4.     MY DARLING STORY 5.     DRUNKARD’S DREAMS STORY 6.    WHO TRUST WHOM STORY 7.    WHY DISPARITY STORY 8.    WINGS OF LOVE STORY 9.    MIDAS TOUCH STORY 10.  SHATTERED AFFECTION STORY 11.  THE GLITTERING WORLD STORY 12.  BUSINESS ON DEMAND STORY 13.  DANGERS OF TRUTH STORY 14.  FRAUDSTER STORY 15.  NGO PROJECT BRIEF 16.  A FLIGHT JOURNEY TO NAIROBI, KENYA (EAST AFRICA) 17.  ALCOHOL EFFECT ON FAMILY STORY 18.  BEGGARS TAX FREE LIFE STORY 19.  DECEIVERS LIFE STORY 20.  GOSSIP WON’T PAY STORY 21.  HORSE RACE STORY 22.  JEALOUS MIND STORY 23.  PRESUMPTIONS NOT CORRECT STORY 24.  SCAMS AND BLACK MONEY STORY 25.  VISION AND REMEDIES ON DIVORCE STORY 26.  EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM AND IT’S GOVERNANCE STORY LADY POLICE Story ©  TOP COP RANI, IPS © JEEVAM © UNIVERSAL POEMS © THE DOCTOR AND GHOSTS ©  TALES AND POEMS UNFORGETTABLE © SOUND OF SONG © TUNE, SING AND DANCE © Mantri Marku’s TELUGU SONGS © LIST OF STORIES 1)      FUTURE DEPENDS ON WHAT ONE DOES NOW          (Nine Scenes) 2)      WASHERMAN AND THE DONKEY  3)      LION AND THE RAT 4)      The RAT and The SAINT 5)      The Intelligent Monkey and The Cruel Crocodile 6)      THE RAT MARRIAGE 7)      THE INTELLIGENT MONKEY AND THE CROCODILE 8)      CUCKOO’S PROUDNESS 9)      MINDLESS LION 10)  LAKE POWER 11)  THE FROG AND THE SNAKE 12)  THE FOX AND THE CRANE 13)  MONKEY ACT 14)  THE CLEVER CRAB 15)  DONKEY IN LION’S SKIN 16)  THE SELFISH FRIEND AND THE BEAR 17)  THE CURIOUS MONKEY 18)  RATS AND ELEPHANTS 19)  MY LOVE STORY YOU BUY PROPERTY AND BE HAPPY © (Your Life Asset) Genre: Home and Garden.  (Real Estate, Home Decors and Interior Design Tips) .

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