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Priyanka Neogi


Priyanka Neogi, Born 02.07.1988 at India.She is College Librarian, International Buisness women,UAP MISS INDIA 2ND RUNNERS UP 2022, International poet, story writter,writer,editor,dancer, reciter,literacy organizational,Dancer,Host, motivational speaker, Ambassador of All live do exist magazine,USA,Ambassador of Research Foundation of India,Cultural Ambassador of Virtual Book Fair of USA,UK, ECUADOR,AUSTRALIA,Peace Ambassador,Secretary General of India WCC International,International Representative of Mother Teresa Foundation,She is multi talented,International awardee of multi purpose.

West Bengal secretary of Rocket ball federation India.


Mom no matter what condition you are in,

No matter what clothes you wear,

You are the most beautiful.

I cannot express my gratitude to you.

You are not compared to anyone in this way.


Simple outfit is awesome.

Because when you cook,

take care of family

But then no Banarasi,

Or dress up for a party.

Then in that dress of yours,

Keep the effect of mastery,

That’s why your simple outfit is beautiful to me.

You have kept the family with your hands,

You have kept yourself right in the midst of thousands of sorrows,

Taught to study and grow up,

To respect and honor all,

not to envy anyone,

not to covet anyone’s things,

You were taught not to quarrel with anyone,

not to slander anyone,

Having a smile on your face even in trouble,

Live with your head held high.

You taught me to keep balance in any situation.

Never give what I want immediately,

No money to say now,

This habit made me

be happy with little

Being happy without getting anything.

Even if no one comes in your danger,

You are ready to be someone else’s danger friend,

That quality has come into me as well.

Maybe because of you, me and my family are the happiest,

How do I repay this debt of yours?

so you mom

The most beautiful to me.

Respect and honor to you

Khan can pay for it.

And in this world „Mother“,

The most beautiful to the child.


Live as a human being first,

Then live as a woman.

Try to keep your head up,

Ages have changed,

So a lot has changed,

Women value their decisions, their freedom, their will,

You too can be financially independent,

To do the same,

Be self-reliant, be aware,

Do not tolerate anyone’s domination,

But walk with respect, devotion and sincerity,

Fill the world with love,

But do not compromise with injustice,

Always follow the path of justice,

Respect men too,

Come with courage and logic,

Go ahead with your self-esteem,

Be enough for yourself, woman.

You too can live your life as a woman,

To live like life.


 To keep the world peaceful,

The song of peace should be sung,

In that song there will be a call to spread peace,

Will make every heart peaceful,

will be the seed of peace,

The message of sowing peace will be to do peaceful work

The promise is present.

Pigeons fly like,

I will fly the peace of mind,

The world is calm in the color of peace.

Peace message should be given in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

to all

Peaceful behavior should be maintained at all times.

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